Reserving for Next Season

SAPC&C will accept a reservation for a full week rental for the following season once that week has passed by during this season. This allows the person that wants to establish a set week with us to have the first chance to reserve that week for the upcoming season.  

In other words, if a camper stays in an accommodation for the week of June 23, 2018 (fourth weekend in June this season), they may reserve the week of June 22,  2019 (fourth weekend in June next season) while they are here. If they chose not to reserve for next season, the week of June 22, 2019 can be reserved by a different party on or after July  8, 2018 (after the week has passed this season).

Reservations of less than a full week which meet the minimum stay requirements will be taken after November 1st. This allows us to put priority on full week bookings before taking reservations for shorter durations.

Hope that all makes sense!!